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You deserve all of my praise

My praises are pathetic, so why don’t I get it?

I used to be scared of where I’d rest my head,
and now I’m always safe and sound in my own bed.

No one changes the locks on the front door anymore,
I should be so grateful to not sleep on strangers’ floors anymore.

I go about my day, almost forgetting You exist,
how could I do such a thing? It’s because of You that I’m blessed.

I used to be so consumed with what’s going to happen next,
now I complain how I give myself no rest.

I would say to myself, “it’ll be different once life is much better.
I’ll always give Him praise, no matter the weather.”

Such a lie I told myself, yet not knowing it at the time.
So now I’m recognizing it at the end of this rhyme.