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The most important part of who I am is my faith. My early childhood years began with attending a Lutheran school. Knowing about Jesus was no different than knowing that the grass is green and the sky is blue. It wasn’t until I had made a total mess of my life that my Heavenly Father really grabbed ahold of me and showed me how much hurt my actions were causing Him. That was my turning point. It’s been 17+ years since that time and I’ve experienced quite a lot that allows me to share from a place of already having gone through it so I can be an encouragement to you.


Daydreaming and creativity thinking are my two favorites and something important you must know about my stories as that they are not mine. They are God’s (and I’d be foolish to think otherwise). Every story may stem from a past life experience of mine, but the creativity and message are all His. These stories are His way reaching hearts and into the lives of people who are hurting. These stories are His beautiful ways which show that you are not alone and to let you know He loves you and wants to be close to you.


Being outside in nature is a tremendous source of peace, relaxation, and inspiration for me. When I hear the mockingbirds chirp through their repertoire of various calls, feel the warm sunshine on my skin, and see the trees sway in the breeze, I can sense the LORD’s presence near to me. In this digital age in which we live, I believe that the amount of screen time we allow into our lives is directly affecting our natural, internal instinct to explore the beauty of His creation and seek Him. Which, when you really think about it, are far more important than anything we could ever accomplish online.